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Drain & Sewer Services

Main Drain Repair & Installation Services in Richmond, VA

Frequent clogged or slow drains and backups may indicate a more serious issue with the main sewer drain that leads from your residence to the city's main sewer line. The sewer line experts at RVA Plumbing & Drain have the state-of-the-art equipment to inspect and diagnose any problems with your main drain.

Drain & Sewer Services
  • Video Camera Sewer Line Inspections

  • Pinpoint the Precise Problem Area to Minimize Project Cost to Homeowner

  • Replace Failing Main Drains with Longer Lasting, Modern Materials

  • Keep All of Your Home's Plumbing System Running Smoothly

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Video Inspections Reduce Repair Costs

A video inspection of your sewer line will measure and pinpoint exactly what sections of pipe failed, hopefully minimizing the disruption to your property and overall cost of the project.

Why Main Sewer Drains Fail

Old Pipes

During the mid-century housing boom, most Richmond area homes were constructed with main drains made of clay or other porous products. Over time, moisture degrades these structures, leaving them vulnerable to sagging due to shifting soil or breaking from penetrating tree roots.

Flushed Debris

If foreign materials are flushed – anything but human waste and toilet paper – a blockage may build up and crack the sewer line or loosen the fittings.


"Out of sight, out of mind" doesn't last long when it comes to grease, fats, or oils poured down the drain. After the grease cools, it'll stick to the sides of your pipe, reducing its diameter, slowing water pressure, and causing a bottleneck that encourages clogs.

Signs of Main Drain Failure

Frequent Drain Backups

A gurgling sound in your pipes after flushing or emptying the bathtub might be the first sign of a backup. A more obvious sign would be sewage or gray water backing up in tubs or sinks when you use a fixture in a different part of the house. Licensed plumbers generally don't recommend the frequent use of harsh chemicals to try to unclog pipes and drains – the caustic chemicals aren't that effective for blockages and can corrode the fittings and seals throughout the system. If you find yourself trying to unclog your drains more than once or twice a year, it's definitely time to call in an expert plumber from RVA Plumbing & Drain to figure out what could be causing the plumbing system failures.

Exterior Landscape Changes

A sagging or broken main drain line can effect the soil and lawn above it, letting homeowners know something happened to the main sewer line underneath. By the time this happens, a simple rooting won't fix your drain – it'll require repair or even full replacement.

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